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Sezzle Payments Available

Cheshire Cat Straw Topper Silicone Mold

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Product Description:
  • Cheshire Cat Straw Topper Mold : The Cheshire cat inspired design is perfect for DIY resin casting straw topper. This is a great addition to any tumbler for Cheshire cat fans.
  • How To Assemble Straw Topper: To make into a straw topper, fill each section of the mold entirely and allow to cure. Once the pieces have cured and hardened remove from mold and assemble with smaller pieces on the inside of the mold and large pieces on the outside with design facing out lining the edges of the pieces up. There will be a hole through the middle for a straw. You can use, super glue, UV resin or more epoxy to adhere the pieces together.
  • Top Quality Silicone Material: The Cheshire cat straw topper silicone mold is made out of durable tear resistant silicone material.
  • Wide Variety of Use: This type of straw topper silicone mold can be used as keychain, badge reel or phone grip attachment.
  • Compatible: The Cheshire cat straw topper resin mold is compatible with most resins and resin pigments to help fully customize your craft designs.
  • Long Lasting Molds: Make It Kraft silicone molds are strong long lasting silicone molds if stored and used with proper care.

Mold Care Tips:

Note: When performing resin pours don't use a heat gun, torch or any source of direct heat as it will damage the silicone mold. Avoid using sharp tools when demolding.

Tips to Decrease Bubbles:
1. Warm your resin before mixing by placing resin container in a warm cup of water.
2. Refer to your resin supplier for the ideal mixing ratio.
 Mix the resin and hardener slowly and thoroughly.
After you've got completed mixing the resin and hardener collectivelyallow it sit approximately five minutes.

Tips on How to Demold Silicone Molds:
1. Use mold release agent to prevent resin from sticking to silicone molds, it is excellent for extending the life of resin molds.
2. Pour some soapy water into the silicone molds after the resin parts are fully cured.
3. When demolding, don't use sharp tools.

Tips on Cleaning Resin Molds:
1. After finishing with your resin pours, wash the molds with warm water and mild  cleaning soap.
2. Use a soft rag and gently wipe it clean.
3. Before storing the molds, ensure that they're fully dry.

Tips on How to Store Resin Molds:
1. Avoid stacking heavy items on top of mold when storing.
2. Store molds in a moderate temperature environment away from ultraviolet light.