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Sezzle Payments Available
Sezzle Payments Available

Large Serving Tray Resin Mold and Medium Serving Tray Silicone Mold | MakeItKraft Resin Molds for Resin Casting

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Large tray silicone mold for custom serving tray with lip | 12 x 7 inches or 6 x 8 inches | supporting squares on the bottom of the mold to help keep mold level with pouring .

This mold is meant to be used in layers:

-Pour one single (thin) even layer of epoxy being sure it covers the entire mold. If this layer is thin just covering the mold you should not have any problems with "bumps" from the grid. However this will make the tray thin so it is recommended to add an additional layer coating the bottom inside of the mold for durability and giving you another layer for added decoration.

-After first layer has cured enough to touch remove the tray from the mold, add in whatever you want (vinyl, decals, stones , greenery etc)

-Then pour your second and final layer of epoxy just coating the inside bottom of the tray, it is recommended this is a resin only layer free of any additives such as glitter, micas and paint.