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Sezzle Payments Available
Sezzle Payments Available

Wine butler | Wine glass holder | Geode mold


Shiny finish geode mold. Finished product used as a bottle topper/wine glass holder |
*Please read**

A few things to keep in mind when choosing my store to purchase from!
✨I will always do my best to reply within 6 hours.
✨Will always ship as soon as possible usually at the beginning of the shipment window but may take full process to ship time listed.
✨Most molds require CASTING resin i.e alumilite clear cast or KS resin liquid cast
✨All molds are not created equal. Some require extra love and attention. If you are newer to molds or unsure how to pour thinner made molds please *DO YOUR RESEARCH* and message me for more questions. Also keep in mind molds do not last forever and shiny molds may turn matte and some may break apart over time depending on usage and care.
✨If you have any questions on how to use these products please let me know and I will always do my best to help!
✨Refunds are considered case by case and not always guaranteed, I will not refund an already used mold so please inspect your mold before use.
✨If you are unsure of dimensions or how to use the product properly please reach out before purchasing.
✨I LOVE freebies so every few orders you will receive a free small gift or coupon 🎁

Lastly , thank you so much for choosing to support my small business ! I appreciate each and every purchase from you amazing customers ! ✨♥️